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Mainstream media, Kangana and Politicians have taken over justice for Sushant Singh Rajput!

Who would have imagined that the death of a person with such a calm demeanour could provoke so many elements of the country?
Edward Vazquez
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It won't be an exaggeration to say that Sushant Singh Rajput's case has blindfolded many people from the actual issues that the country is facing now, like COVID Chinese incursion, unemployment, schooling or the examination issues.
Mainstream media, Kangana and Politicians have taken over justice for Sushant Singh Rajput!
Sushant Singh Rajput

Who would have imagined that the death of a person with such a calm demeanour could provoke so many elements of the country? If you have seen my previous articles, I made a few articles about nepotism and Bollywood crime angle. Still, I soon realized that the whole story is being twisted for the sake of political gains and personal vengeance. And also that was around the time when Kangana Ranaut in collaboration with Republic TV, decided to go for a rampage against everyone they wanted to target for a long time. The politicians and police departments from Maharastra, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and even the center got involved in giving their ego a boost or playing the political Game of Thrones. What's forgotten in the middle of all this mess is the justice for Sushant. Friends, I want to start with a quick example from the United States. Since the pandemic began five months ago, the coffers of billionaires increased by 800 billion dollars. They kept getting more prosperous when the little less than two lakh people died due to COVID situation in the past five months.

And the unemployment rate gross by many, many millions. So this situation is quite similar in India, even though the data doesn't get published in black and white. Well, the common man around the world is struggling, but the billionaires are trying to find business opportunities and misuse many tax rules to fill their coffers with more and more billions. I bring this up as an example, as Sushant's case is quite similar. If you see, there is a puppet show going on where politicians, mainstream media channels and Kangana are pulling strings, and the common man who's emotionally invested in seeking Sushant's justice is dancing to all the well-choreographed steps by those who are pulling all the strings. Friends, When tragedy strikes the common man like you and I are always looking for heroes, villains and the facilitators. There is no denial of the way Mumbai police and Maharashtra government handled the case, raised many doubts about the investigation, but what started as a mental health issue suddenly became all about nepotism. Thanks to Kangana, who had already introduced this word to Common Man's dictionary, she found a golden opportunity to cook up many theories about how Sushant's demise and nepotism are intertwined. Everyone she had personal vengeance on, like Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt, Adithya Pancholi and Alia Bhatt were dragged into Sushanth's case as Kangana, who is a great storyteller and was able to make up theories about how nepotism and establishments conspired to get rid of Sushanth. The renowned Banana Republic channels provided her with a perfect outlet to vent out all she went through and started concluding their connections with the SSR's case. The one may wonder how she could talk so much about SSR's death without getting to know about him personally or professionally when he was alive. Alia's "sadak2" trailer and Ananya Pandey's "Khaali Peeli" trailer got so many dislikes that it broke many previous youtube records. The same common man who happily danced to the songs like Munni badnam hui or Sheela ki jawani suddenly started having major problems with "Beyonce sharmajayagi" song from kalipili. And nobody to say what we did here is right or wrong right, but I'm wondering if these dislikes provide any justice to Sushant Singh Rajput. While the fire is still burning, Sushant's family threw Riya Chakraborty into the fire by charging her of exploiting Sushant financially. We haven't found any credible investigation report that proves that she was responsible for SSR's death or cost abatement of suicide. Is Riya clean or not is still up in the air, but the media trend Heckerling mental and physical torture. She and her family had to go through for passed days cannot be ignored. What if in a few months they'll be credible evidence that shows that she was innocent? Who will give her back all the lost sleep, lost health and most importantly, lost dignity? The common man will be watching all this circus unfold now and will move on eventually. But if she is just a scapegoat here, she's going to bear this trauma throughout her life. Some channels stoop to the level that they even started heckling. The guy was there to deliver food to RIA, our security guard of their apartment. Now, guess what? While the common man is sitting at home with a cup of tea and internalizing all this are some reality show, hoping that there are positive steps in seeking justice for SSR. Guess what? They have been fooling us all this while. For Media Channels, this has always been the war of TRP. Yes, TRP is what decides the price they can negotiate for advertisements. Right after Sushant's case, the news channels like Republic, Times now and Aaj takTak crossed all their ethical limits and have hired Scavenger's in the name of journalists. What they do is wait near the target home. In this case, Riya's and heckle anyone and everyone who walks around their house.

What's unfortunate is this kind of cheap sensationalism sells in our country where people love to assume that someone is a wrong person and loved torturing them and watching them getting tortured or being morally polished. Before the Banana Republic channels, it all worked out well and good, their TRP's and YouTube subscriptions have skyrocketed in the past two to three months. At the same time, all this circus is at play. The ruling party of Bihar, who is in good terms with the center hatched out a plan to send a separate investigation team to Mumbai, clearly to score a few brownie points before their election and to seek political vendetta against the ruling government of Maharashtra.

Friends. Amidst all this, India was grappling with the significant issues like unprecedented growth of COVID cases where we are the number one in the daily number of cases. We are the worst hit in terms of GDP growth compared to other countries. Chinese incursion is a significant problem which cannot be ignored. Unemployment numbers are skyrocketing. Schools and college students are uncertain about their future. Many are not able to take competitive exams like IIT, JEE or neet exams. Now, some of you may accuse me of sounding exactly like a left-wing sympathizer.

Mainstream media, Kangana and Politicians have taken over justice for Sushant Singh Rajput!
Sushant Singh Rajput

Trust me, friends, all politicians are the same to me. They are trained to pull the strings of a puppet show. They are the opportunists. Also, why do we want to fix ourselves within the bounds of a particular political narrative? Do we have to belong to either left or right-wing? Can we take a middle ground and assess things with a little more common sense? Anyone with some common sense would have figured out right from the beginning that the media outlets, politicians and Kangana are milking the sentiments of the common man.

So while the case didn't seem to go anywhere, Kangana recently introduced a little more masala to the case by saying that 99 per cent of Bollywood is on drugs. Oh, wait a minute! She must have counted a handful of actors and actresses, including herself, from her past confessions and generalized to just 99 per cent. How are we made to believe that thousands of crew members behind the camera were meeting their ends through Bollywood income or under the influence of drugs?

Friends, I'm not giving a clean sheet to Bollywood here right. I have made articles about the dirty secrets of Bollywood. But why suddenly all this dirt is coming out now? Also, a common man is learning about all the cool words that Americans introduced to refer to marijuana like pot bud weed, etc.. Well, there is not much difference between our desi product Ganja and these borrowed names. Kangana Later locks horns with Maharastra government and Mumbai police in comparison to Pakistan occupied Kashmir and introducers Kashmiri Pandits angle out of the blue.

The Maharashtra government takes the bait and demolishes that office. It almost seemed like the home ministry in Delhi and Kangana was waiting for a perfect opportunity to elevate Kangana's VIP status to such a level that they provide y plus security to her, which is only available for 15 people in the country. This is a level of protection that is out of reach for many honest IAS officers and other precious citizens whose life is under threat. Don't be surprised if Kangana, who successfully milked the sentiments of her base in the name of SSR, would be a central minister in the next few years.

Think about it, friends. This case created a battleground of sorts between Bihar Maharastra Center and Himachal Pradesh. Kangana also smartly slipped in remainder issue, Kashmiri Pandit issue, plus the Dawood Ibrahim angle. If someone can figure out a way to add Sabarimala and jallikattu angle to Sushant's case, it will become a Pan India issue. In this puppet show every time the common man got tired of dancing to the strings pulled by various parties involved. They introduce a new twist to the plot that energizes the puppets and the TRP hungry media. We don't know what's cooking and what's going to be the next hot twist to this topic. But one thing is for sure, as long as they keep sensationalizing this issue, they can keep milking their emotionally naive audience and keep them dancing.

Friends, as I end this article. It very concerns to see how these media channels, state governments and central governments have made SSR's case the number one issue in the country for Freking three months. When was the last time we talked about women's safety, farmers, suicide, job issues, uncertain careers of working-class men and women, and zillions of other real problems that matter for India?

I get it, guys. SSR's sudden demise was emotional, that was unbelievable. Justice needs to be served. But what if in reality there is no clear villain to the story? What if the CBI or the police departments won't find anyone or may also be the puppets at the hands of politicians? Now we can only hope that there is some conclusion to the case, but until then, are we going to allow few folks with vested interests to exploit common man's emotion, or do we want to move on with our lives?

Guys, what's your opinion about Sushant Singh case? comment below.
Thank you very much, Folks.

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